Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements

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ORMEs Coaching

ORMEs Coaching, is a personal Alchemical path focused on the awakening of the latent potential of the individual which leads to the complete decalcification and consequent awakening of the pineal gland, a small endocrine sensory organ located at the center of the human brain and responsible for discerning and reading the visible and invisible to the eyes, this gland was also known in ancient times by the name of (Ajna Chakra or Third Eye).

This type of personal sessions (Coaching) are distributed in 1 or more sessions in which special meditation techniques are given and taught to the client which involve the use of special sound tracks which help the human being to realign the two cerebral hemispheres.

This series of practices has its roots in Ancient Egypt, and brings a whole series of physical and energetic benefits among which we find:

-Peace and mental serenity.

-Improved sleep.

-Emotional Calm (facilitated management of common stress).

– Balancing the circadian cycle (sleep-wake rhythm).

– Increased dream activity (Lucidity in dreams).

-Increased production of Melatonin.

-Improvement of long and short term memory and ease of remembering.

-Increased physical energy

– Strengthening of the immune system

-Anti age effect

These are just some of the benefits that the client can obtain with these practices, the ultimate goal is help in the awakening of man’s conscience with consequent 360 degree improvement in his life, and evolution of the species.

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