WIS Token

Private Sale

WIS Token – Private Sale

In the realm of digital assets and the burgeoning world of cryptocurrency, the WIS Token emerges as a beacon for those seeking to invest in a transformative project. As you stand at the precipice of this opportunity, it is paramount to engage with the whitepaper, a document of utmost importance that elucidates the intricate mechanisms and potential growth pathways of the project. It is an investor’s compass in the oft-turbulent seas of digital currency.

To participate in the acquisition of WIS Tokens, the process is delineated with precision: transfer USDT or USDC to the designated wallet on the BSC network, with each WIS Token valued at at initial rate of 0.20 USD only for the Private Sale. Post-transfer, the completion of an anonymous form is required, a mere formality preceding the allocation of corresponding WIS Tokens to your originating wallet within a seven-day window.

This venture is not a frivolous gamble but a calculated stride into the future of automatic income and growth. It is a commitment that necessitates a discerning mind and a willingness to support a nascent yet promising enterprise. The potential for expansion and financial return is intertwined with the inherent risks of investment; thus, a thorough perusal of the whitepaper is advised to mitigate unwarranted expectations.

Step 1

Transfer the sum you want to invest in USDT or USDC under the BSC network to this wallet: 0x0211558870322fA3Bbd88c031aae4F8E42cC6E2C

Please make sure you only send Tether Dollar USDT and only to Binance Smart Chain BSC.
Any other type of transfer or on a network other than BSC will be lost

Step 2

Fill out the form below and within 7 days you will receive the corresponding WIS token on the wallet from which you made the payment.

Remember that for this private sale the value of each Wis Token is fixed at 0.20 USD

Transaction form

10 + 1 =

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